AFM 2018 Round 1

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AFM 2018 Round 1 at Buttonwillow Raceway

After weeks of working on the bike, installing safety equipment, and getting the new front suspension in, I finally made it down to Buttonwillow raceway for my first ever motorcycle race event with AFM.

AFM Start

Race 0 - Clubman Middleweight

This race got moved to Sunday morning due to rain.
The pavement was cold, but I was able to secure 3rd place in a phenomenal battle with #775 Nick Csik

Race 2 - 750 Superbike

Running with the big bikes was not actually the most intimidating race! This race was run twice, and red flagged (race ended due to crashes) both times. Despite these setbacks, I was able to take second place by way of a fast lap, 2:01.34
1st Run:
2nd Run:

Race 4 - 600 Superbike

This class is brutally competitive. A weak start and mediocre laptimes led to a 4th place finish.

Race 7 - Formula 1

Competition against medium to medium-heavy bikes (450-750cc, and 1liter twins) and an open grid. The open grid made the 1st lap of both starts absolutely hair-raising.
This race got red flagged once, and in the second race I was able to ride to a 3rd place finish.
1st Run:
2nd Run:

Race 11 - Legacy Middleweight

This class is for older bikes (2007 and before) so the competition was a little less fierce. I was able to secure a 1st place finish, even beating some experts!

In the end, I beat my old personal best lap by 5 seconds (2:02-1:57) and secured podium finishes in the majority of my races. And I didn’t crash!
I’m definitely feeling more ready for Round 2 April 14-15.

Credits roll:

Huge Thanks go out to:
Rhett Whitehill for helping me flush everything out of the van. Can’t race if you can’t get there!
Mike Marocco for spending his Friday night helping me get AFM-spec number plates in vinyl at the last possible minute. find his other work here:
Brian Grabianowski for being the best goddamn crew chief and drinking buddy a racer could ask for
Dave Thomas and Jeanne Marie for their hospitality (Dave rode to 3 podium finished himself!)
Anayeli Mora for her bottomless patience


Jim, Nickie and the team at Catalyst Suspension Tuning for getting me a balanced suspension setup at the last minute, and always being supportive
Pat at The Frame Man for not asking too many questions about my disgusting rear wheel